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Information You will Get with Your Account

All the information will be provided to your mail account

  1. Bank name
  2. Account type
  3. Routing number
  4. Account number

The Benefit of Virtual Bank Account

A virtual account provides many benefits. The commercialization of the internet has made this possible. Mostly the services are used through the mail, phone or messages. Let us look into the benefits of having a virtual bank account.

  1. You can access your account at any time as it does not close.
  2. You can access the account from any remote place.
  3. Have advanced web features to keep your data secured.
  4. Can register your desired bank name to open an account.
  5. Saves a lot of time compared to opening a physical bank account.

Buy Virtual Bank Account

Online money transfer services have made handling money a lot easier. But they require you to have a physical bank account to activate those services. If you don’t possess a physical account or you are in another country then it can be troublesome. Now, a virtual bank account can easily provide a solution to the problem. Using a virtual bank account you can get your PayPal, Stripe, or similar accounts approved. These accounts are only for verification purposes.

Do you want a virtual bank account to activate your online payment services? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right website. We provide a new VBA that you can use to activate your online payment service platforms.

The account we provide is of two types. One is an instant virtual bank account and the other is a micro deposit VBA. These accounts remind active for a short time and let you verify other accounts. The one drawback back of the VBA is that you cannot withdraw or send money.

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Buy Virtual Bank Account

Why Choose Our Service?

Many vendors sell the same service that we are selling. So, what is different with our service? First of all, we know that time is money for our customers and they want the best out of it. So, we deliver a time-saving solution that offers the best service. In addition, buying an account from us will also give the following benefits:

  1. We have fast deliveries. You will get your account as soon as you position your order with the information needed.
  2. Our website is worldwide, and so are our services. With a certain easy change in settings, you can use it from anywhere.
  3. We have fully worked and brand new accounts for our customers.
  4. All billing addresses are authorized so that you can pay in any way you are comfortable with.
  5. We have client service available at all times for the convenience of our customers.
  6. Our prices are for a mass population so for the smallest amount, you can get the best accounts.
  7. Starting from login info to expiration info, your email address will be provided with account information.


If you want to verify your PayPal or Stripe account then a virtual bank account will provide you with all that you need. Buying the account from us will ensure that you get the best account. You can also find similar accounts to buy from our page.

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